Does Fat Freezing Actually Work?

One of the most exciting body sculpting trends right now is cryolipolysis. With this treatment, you literally have cold fat cells that should be frozen until they thaw out and then break down or dissolve in your skin over time! It’s quick but effective at getting rid hips/love handles without surgery..

Subcutaneous Fat

This is the type of fat that we can treat with Cryolipolysis. It decreases as you age, so it becomes more difficult to remove and requires special attention in your later years.

The development team was developing a prototype freezing device for clinical testing on pigs to numb the skin before dermatological procedures. Their goal had been an alternative topical anesthesia but they quickly realized it also worked well in removing fat!

The researchers soon switched gears and began improving the device for targeting fat cells. And their early tests showed promising results; they were able to reduce approximately 1/2 inch of pig’s skin in treated areas without damaging any overlying tissue!

By 2010, it became possible to freeze and remove fat from various parts of the human body with a new technology called Cryolipolysis. This treatment has been approved for use in treating love handles but is also effective on other areas like thighs or belly button!

Here’s how the treatment works. You’ll need between 35-60 minutes for each application, and you may end up needing as many applications on your stomach area if it is large–like an actual bubble!"

Fat freezing is a proven way to get rid of unwanted body fat. You can see results as soon at three weeks, and the maximum benefit will be seen between months – depending on how much you want trimmed away from your shape! There’s no need for costly procedures like dieting when this affordable alternative works so well in getting rid our problem areas without costing anything more than time spent exercising (or even just moving around).

Who is a good candidate for fat freezing?

Cryolipolysis can be a safe and effective way to reduce stubborn areas of unwanted bodyfat. The ideal client would already have close-to their desired weight, but there’s some parts that aren’t coming off no matter what they do – this includes both men as well women!

Looking for a Cryolipolysis Certification? We now offer fat freezing training online. If you would like more information on the benefits of this procedure and how it’s done entirely through video lessons, contact us today!


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