Vacuum Therapy Certification Online

Vacuum therapy certification is definitely something that people looking for if they are running a body sculpting or body contouring business and it is definitely a treatment that people are looking for more and more everyday

If you are looking for more treatments to upskill yourself or potentially train your employees in your clinic and vacuum therapy is something that your clients are wanting then don’t forget to check out our training which is lifetime access which does cover and issue vacuum therapy certifications online

Vacuum therapy is a great course we offer and we generally find anyone that’s interested in ultrasonic fat cavitation or even lipo cavitation they are also interested in generally vacuum therapy and the results that it could offer them

Don’t forget to check out the free training we have on our website and we do cover in our free training a little on vacuum therapy as well as the certifications we provide whenever someone takes our vacuum therapy course


Fat Freezing Training Courses

Fat Freezing
Cryolipolysis Certification

Learn how to perform fat freezing safely and effectively with our step by step training.

Price: $197 USD

Fat Cavitation Training Courses

Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation
And Radiofrequency Certification
(2-in-1 Course)

A 2-in-1 course to promote your cavitation & RF treatment to give clients a slimmer, smoother silhouette.

Price: $197 USD

RF Skin Tightening Training Courses

Columbian Wood Therapy

Learn how to use Columbian Wood Therapy to help your clients reduce cellulite & melt fat.

Price: $197 USD